4000 snowdrops now planted in 75 sites around the Ouseburn Vale to commemorate the 75 miners who died in 1815.

Thousands of Heaton residents turned out to celebrate their community at the Heaton Park Festival yesterday. Under the Fields of Heaton gave out 500 snowdrops to interested festival goers ….. and their snowdrop sites are now on the Snowdrop Map! These join 3500 snowdrops already distributed in schools, churches, and at the Spinney 2nd May remembrance event.

34 boys and 41 men were trapped underground under Heaton Park from 3rd May 1815 – February / March 1816 when their bodies were finally laid to rest. The newly planted snowdrops with bloom in February 2016 (and each year after) to remind Heaton residents of the 19C miners.

IMG_0635 IMG_0639

Snow drops handed out to Heaton Festival-goers 27th June 2015