An exciting project involving ten artists in residence in school hubs started in May 2015.

CERAMICS, TEXTILES, GLASS, SCULPTURE, FILM MAKING, MUSIC and CREATIVE WRITING were created with a strong team of artists.

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Arts Council England awarded a ‘Grants of the the Arts’ award to ‘Under the Fields of Heaton’, and much of this budget is devoted to ten artists working in Ouseburn schools. We’d like to thank, in addition Sir James Knott Trust for a grant to further support this work and the Lantern Procession in February 2016.

Nine primaries and one secondary school in the area acted as hosts for artists and hubs for information and involvement. Ceramics, textiles, film, poetry, sculpture, & glasswork are proposed.

Most of the nine primaries in the Ouseburn area hosted an artist in the summer term. The artists were commissioned to create a work of art to reflect upon some aspect of the Heaton Main Disaster and upon Ouseburn and East Newcastle now. The whole of schools’ communities took part in the festival, staff, children and parents, with snowdrops,  paper lanterns, assemblies and Les Turnbull’s book for children giving the historical information they need.

Benton Park Primary          Whole school arts week:  Haydon Brige Film Company making documentary

Cragside Primary               Y4 Y5      Alison Ashton:    Textile hangings

Chillingham, Road P          Y5           David Pyrke:        Ceramic mural of Heaton Main Mine

Christchurch Primary        Y4            Ken Patterson:    Mosaic of shaft & Heaton Main Mine

Hotspur Primary               Y4            David Pyrke:        Ceramic mural

Ravenswood Primary       Y4            Rachel Gretton:      Fused glass work

St Catherines RC P           Y5            Keith Barret Sculptor: Chestnut Tree scultpure

St Teresa’s Primary           Y6           Tessa Green and Elle Phethean: Time Tunnel

West Jesmond Primary     Y6           Alison Ashton: Textile Hanging

Heaton Manor School       Y8            Jed Grimes: Songwriting


An exhibition was mounted in the People’s Theatre Gallery Space which also displayed lanterns from the lantern events of 10th February and a displayed record of the programme of events since 2nd May 2015.

Newcastle’s Lord Mayor, Councillor Ian Graham and the Lady Mayoress Margaret Graham opened the exhibition with 120 guests enjoying the fine displays mounted by teachers and the Under the Fields of Heaton Working Party.

The People’s Theatre Exhibition was open during box office hours:

Monday – Friday 10.30am – 1pm from 25th February – 12th March 2016


Here’s Tessa Green and Ellen Phethean’s film made with Y6 children in St Teresa’s RC Primary School

The Process

Artists worked for ten half days with a class or classes, and involving parents and their teachers, to create new works of art.


David Pyrke ceramicist with Y5 Chillingham Road students creating a tile installation, 15th May 2015

DSC02571 DSC02584 DSC02594 DSC02595 DSC02602 DSC02547



Alison Ashton, textile artist, works with Y3 children at West Jesmond Primary, 4th June 2015

DSC02648 DSC02651

Collage with mixed media

DSC02652 DSC02641

Themes of fields, coal, fire, water, air to create a large wall hanging.

Keith Barrett Sculptor
Keith Barrett Sculptor
Lumberjack to take down chestnut tree and leave 4m stump for sculpture.
Lumberjack to take down chestnut tree and leave 4m stump for sculpture.
Keith Barrett by chestnut tree for sculpture, St Catherine's Primary
Keith Barrett by chestnut tree for sculpture, St Catherine’s Primary
Ellen Phethean Poet at St Teresa's
Ellen Phethean, Poet at St Teresa’s Primary
Tessa Green, artist
Tessa Green, artist, at St Teresa’s Primary
Two wall hangings at Benton Park Primary School.


Marc McKiernan of Haltwhistle Film Project at Benton Park Primary
Marc McKiernan of Haltwhistle Film Project at Benton Park Primary
Watching a piece of recent animation, Benton Park Primary.
Watching a piece of recent animation, Benton Park Primary.
Ken Patterson’s Mosaic with Christchurch C. of E Primary School
Christchurch’s children pose by their mosaic
Glass decoration with Rachel Gretton, Ravenswood Primary

Christchurch’s children pose by their mosaic

Rachel Gretton’s Glass Installation in Ravenswood Primary

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Chillingham Road Primary’s Display639a2997Lanternsgallery01

Many thanks to Anne Cater and the People’s Theatre for their hard work and generosity in hosting the exhibition.