A Big Night Out to Celebrate Heaton’s Past, Saturday 2nd May 7.30pm

200 people turned out to see a stunning musical programme on the Anniversary Eve. Heaton Voices on fine form singing a set including ‘Byker Hill’, ‘The Colliers’ Rant’, and ‘Let There be Diamonds’; Johnny Handle charmed the audience with tales from his own colliery experience, poems and songs climaxing with an emotive delivery of his new song ‘Under the Fields of Heaton’; and Richard Scott led ‘Appletwig Songbook’ on their first gig with the new line up and sounding so tight that they might be on the last night of a major tour. Richard’s self penned songs, including  ‘Monday Morning’, ‘They All Went Down Together’, and ‘When Coal Was King’ featured amongst material from Tommy Armstrong, Alex Glasgow and Ed Pickford.

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